1 Month Visa Extension – 30 day visa extension

Bangkok immigration announced you can now get a 1-month visa extension at local immigration in Thailand, the fee for this is 1900 Thai Baht. You can do this at any local immigration office in Thailand this was introduced on August 29 th 2014. Most tourists will get a visa on arrival in Thailand generally 30 days previously you could extend your stay for 7 days only so these new rules are good for tourists.

If you entered Thailand and received a 30-day stamp in your passport (this is called a 30-day visa exemption) – you can also extend a 60-day tourist visa by 30 days to a total of 90 days for the same fee – you can extend this stamp a further30 days at any Thailand immigration center for a fee of 1900 Baht. Local immigration offices where you can get a 1-month visa extension are located in the following locations around Thailand – Thailand Immigration Locations
You can extend your 30-day entry pass, OR if you obtained a 60-day Tourist Visa before traveling to Thailand, you can extend this too, for a maximum of 30 days. However, you can only extend your visa at an Immigration Office once. After your 30-day extension has expired you must consider a border run





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