3 Reasons Why Dating Thai Girls is Different To Western Women

Dating Thai girls what’s the difference between a Thai & a western woman. A Thai woman’s beauty is only matched by her politeness. These enchanting women have long been prized as some of the most beautiful women on earth. And what adds to that splendor is the humility with which they carry themselves.

Men interested in dating Thai girls should forget everything they know about dating altogether. The cultures of the east and west are vastly different as are their women.


Thai women are not easy as some Farangs seem to think they are!


A good Thai girl will most likely not get drunk on her first date nor will she go back to your hotel – in fact, she probably won’t even kiss you. If you’re hoping for any happy endings to the night, there are plenty of bars and disco techs to find that sort of thing.

No, a good Thai girl is looking for something more than fun, they’re looking for commitment. For most men, this is ideal. A beautiful woman is more concerned with her partner and family rather than just having a good time.

This doesn’t mean Thai girls are not fun. On the contrary, you can have a great trip around Thailand if you hit it off with our date. Just keep in mind that for most Thai women, dating is serious that nearly always leads to commitment.


Thai women care a lot about their social image.


Ingrained in Thai culture is a social etiquette that honors politeness and moral form, as opposed to rowdy behavior. What this means for westerners is that Thai people don’t like showing emotions in public, especially negative ones.

This means that if you are ever rude, show any anger in public, talk poorly about Thai people or Thailand your date will be unimpressed. Instead, always show the utmost politeness and courtesy, and do your best to avoid any public displays of affection.  But a little brushing and footsie under the table may be fine if their chemistry.


Thai women are looking for commitment.


Thai women are becoming more and more independent. Many attend university, own a business, and are quite successful. Even with these modern attributes, Thai women are still old-fashioned. Most women take dating seriously and the more often you meet and spend time with your Thai partner, the chances are she wants commitment.


Yes, this even includes marriage. Thai women are incredibly loyal and unashamed of letting a man take charge of a household. As you grow more intimate with your Thai partner, expect to one day meet her parents. If she does ever want you to meet her parents, take this as a sign she’s willing to marry you.


While very different from westerners, Thai women are still quite sensual women who know how to take care of their partners. So don’t let the cultural differences intimidate you. If you need advice, contact us.

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