6 great things to see In England – if taking your Thai girlfriend to the UK

6 great things to see In England

There are lots of great things to do in the UK if you are thinking of taking your Thai girlfriend to the UK as a tourist. Of course, if this is your plan then she would need a UK Tourist Visa in order to be able to legally travel to the UK. Many of the excellent things that your Thai girlfriend may wish to see are in London and you could quite easily make a weekend of this but there are great things to see all around the country. Here are the top 6 great things to see in England.


1.Buckingham Palace


Although we tried to compile a list of activities to do outside of London, no list would be complete without a mention of Buckingham Palace. With Thai people having such a close affinity with their Royal family, the chances are that your Thai girlfriend would be interested in seeing Buckingham Palace. Why not include this on a day trip to the capital?

  1. Stonehenge


This prehistoric monument in Wiltshire is quite an eye-opener and it is unlikely that your Thai lady will have seen anything similar to this before. As with all sightseeing trips, this might not be to everyone’s tastes but if your Thai girl is interested in finding out more about the UK and the country that you are from, then this is well worth a visit.

  1. Roman Baths in Bath


Again, assuming that your Thai girl wants to know about England – after all, that’s one the reasons you got her a UK Tourist Visa, the Roman Baths in Bath are again something that is quite unusual. Many Thai people can’t comprehend how the baths have remained in near perfect condition over all the years. It is also a great opportunity for a photo opportunity.

  1. Hadrian’s Wall


Hadrian’s Wall runs for 73 miles across the north of England and used to be the divide between England and Scotland. The overall area is very picturesque although can be quite cold in winter. Housesteads Roman Fort is the best maintained Roman fort in the UK so could be one of the better places to take your Thai girl.

  1. York Minister


There are lots of fantastic churches, cathedrals, and ministers in the UK but the city of York is an all-around beautiful and interesting city. As a result, it is probably one of the best options for taking your Thai girlfriend to go and visit. There are also plenty of small shops that you can visit together if she gets a little bit wary of taking everything in.

6. Edinburgh Castle 


Edinburgh Castle is a historic fortress that dominates the skyline of the city of Edinburgh, Scotland from its position on Castle Rock.


Q: Will my Thai girlfriend be able to work in the UK?


A: No, unfortunately, your Thai girlfriend won’t be able to work in the UK whilst she is on a UK Tourist Visa. She would require a long-term UK visa for this such as a UK Spouse Visa.


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