90 day reporting in Thailand – how to report at local immigration

90 day reporting
90 Day reporting in Thailand – you must report every 90 days to immigration- failure to report may lead in some cases to a fine

90 day reporting in Thailand. A foreigner residing in Thailand must report, his or her current address, to the Immigration office using Form TM 47 every 90 days. A foreigner may report to the police station if there is no immigration office in his or her area. It is worth noting that a foreigner can now give their 90-day notice 15 days prior to the expiry or 7 days after. We have compiled a list of four ways in which this reporting can be completed, they are as follows:

Completing 90-day report in person

  • Documents Required
  • A completed Form TM47
  • Photocopy of Passport showing picture
  • Photocopy of your passport page showing latest visa stamp
  • Photocopy of your Arrival Card
  • Proof of address/residence

Please don’t forget to sign all of the above. The notice must be given within 15 days before or  7 days after the period of 90 days finishes. The fines for failing to report on time is 2000 B. Or, If a foreigner is arrested without having made the 90-day notice then they will be fined 4,000 B.

90-day report by mail  – EMS your passport to the immigration office                             

Certain Immigration offices are now accepting the TM 47 by mail, It must be mailed seven to fifteen days before

reporting is due. When sending in your TM47 application there is no need to mail your original passport. If applying by post you need to send the following documents:

  • Copy of all passport pages
  • Copy of arrival/departure card the white slip in your passport called the TM indegenerique.be. 6
  • Previous notice of staying over 90 days
  • Completely filled in and signed form TM. 47
  • Envelope with ten baht stamp affixed and return address so that they can send back the bottom part of form TM. 47. After receipt of the bottom part of the TM47 back to you this must be inserted inside your passport. It is always advisable to send your notice by EMS Registered mail. Likewise, have the return envelope affixed with an EMS mail stamp then you can track the whereabouts of the application throughout the process. Please don’t forget to sign all pages of the documents you’re including with your application.

Your application cannot be processed by mail if you have passed the 90 day period. In this case, you must go to your nearest immigration office and pay the 2000 Baht.  If you go to the Immigration Office, you still have a 7 period to register.

90 Day Report Online


Foreigners can now do their 90 days reporting online. The application again must be filed 7-15 days before the due date. To file a TM47 report click here. To use this service your PC must use Internet Explorer the registration site will not work with other browsers such as google chrome.  Please ensure when completing the form you use capital letters Many Visa Service Providers will file your 90-day report for a fee of 300 Baht.

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