Getting an Australian Tourist Visa for Your Thai Girlfriend

Getting an Australian tourist visa and your Thai girlfriend

Getting an Australian tourist visa for your Thai girlfriend. As with many countries, for a Thai girlfriend to visit Australia for the purposes of a holiday she must have a visa to enter Australia. There are three different types that are usually issued and this is the 3, 6 or 12-month varieties that can be single or multiple entries. The type that will be issued to your Thai girlfriend will depend largely on her previous travel experience and if this is minimal, the Australian Tourist Visa that will be issued will normally be for an initial three months. After she has returned to Thailand she can apply again for a longer stay.

The application process for an Australian Tourist Visa can be quite complex and this can naturally be quite a concern. Here at Thai Visa Express, we can assist you and your Thai partner with the process offering a “no visa, no consultancy fee”. We deal with the Australian Embassy in Bangkok on a regular basis and therefore know exactly what is required. We have built up an excellent working relationship with them which increases the chances of your Thai girlfriend obtaining an Australian Tourist Visa.

As part of our service will assist the Thai national with the application, preparing additional documentation as well as providing any translations where required. We will also offer guidance regarding the interview process if this is needed and can also escort her to the interview. This will help to ease your Thai girlfriend through the process and put both of your minds at ease, safe in the knowledge that she is in the best possible hands.

Your Thai girlfriend will need to prove that she has the financial capability of supporting herself whilst in Australian and will need to provide the necessary proof of funding. If you are acting as her sponsor for the purposes of the application, you will need to prove that you are in a genuine relationship and that she has every intention of returning to Thailand once her visa has come to an end. Ideally, you will be able to prove that you have made numerous trips to Thailand to visit her or you live in the Kingdom. Photographic evidence of spending time together over a sustained period will also be hugely beneficial.

How many times can you visit Australia?

Of course, you and your Thai girlfriend may not be ready to commit to marriage,  an Australian visitor’s Visa is the only way that she can visit Australia. Although there is no written ruling on the number of visits that she can make, it is generally accepted that she can only spend nine out of the twelve months in Australia on a tourist visa. As we mentioned, the first visa that is granted is usually for three months with longer stays granted once she has returned to Thailand. It is advisable for you to spend at least six months in Thailand is you wish your Thailand girlfriend to be allowed into Australia for longer periods.

So, if you would like Thai Visa Express to assist you with your Thai girlfriend’s application for an Australian Tourist Visa you could call our office in Sydney on 0408 112 111, our Pattaya office on 038 420 313, email us on or alternatively, you could contact us via our website. We look forward to hearing from you and of being of greater assistance.

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