Are there any positives in Pattaya from Covid-19?

Positives for Pattaya


There is no getting away from the fact that Pattaya, along with nearly everywhere else in the world has been adversely affected by the coronavirus or Covid-19. However, through all the bleak news and the despair, are there any positives that may come out after the whole sorry affair has passed and we start getting back to “normal”?


Infrastructure Improvements

There has been continual work along Pattaya Beach Road and other areas to improve the drainage. It is something that had the potential to cause significant disruption in the city, but with fewer people around, the job may get completed without adversely affecting people’s lives. It is also an opportunity for other infrastructure improvements to take place so that the city is more welcoming when the tourists do return.


Survival of the Fittest

While this won’t be what some business owners want to hear, it may benefit those visiting the city and those already living there. We are certain to have some tough economic times coming up, but the strongest bars and restaurants will do well and benefit, while others will sadly go to the wall. In the long-term, this is likely to be beneficial for all concerned and may even meet with approval from the government by encouraging “quality” tourists!


Looking Out for Each Other

In times of hardship, we always see the best and worst in people. The recent pandemic has brought many people together and seen wonderful acts of kindness. It is something which we could all do well to continue and perhaps think more of others rather than just ourselves.


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