Australian Citizenship

Becoming an Australian citizen represents a commitment to Australia and its people. It gives a sense of belonging because you can fully participate in all aspects of Australian life. Becoming a Australian citizen is also your first step toward obtaining a Australia Passport.

Australian Citizenship By Descent

Australian Citizenship
Australian Citizenship

A child born overseas can be registered as an Australian citizen by descent if at least one of the parents was an Australian citizen at the time of the child’s birth.A parent can apply for registration of Australian citizenship by descent on behalf of the child before the child reaches 16 years of age.

The following document checklist outlines how to apply in Bangkok for Citizenship by Descent.

How to apply for Australian citizenship click here

If the child was born through a surrogacy arrangement please refer to the link Children born through a surrogacy arrangement on the DIAC website.

Lodgement of applications
Applications may be lodged in person at the Visa and Immigration Office between 10:30am and 12:00pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. Applications can also be sent by mail or courier.

Visa and Immigration Office
Australian Embassy Bangkok
37 South Sathorn Road
Bangkok 10120


How To Apply For – Australian Citizenship By Descent

If the applicant is under 16, either parent may apply on the child’s behalf. If only one parent is an Australian citizen, either parent may apply, but the Australian parent must be the responsible parent. A responsible parent is a person that has ongoing parental responsibility for the child.

1. Download the Citizenship by descent checklist. The checklist will help you prepare all the documents you need.

2. Download and complete the correct form – Form 118
3. Make sure you have the right application fee
4. Read the information on how and where to lodge your application
5. Check the Processing time for Citizenship by Descent

Australian passport – Citizenship Applications
If you are an Australian Citizen and require a passport, please note that the processing of Australian passports are managed by the Consular Section at the Australian Embassy Bangkok. Enquiries relating to procedures for obtaining an Australian passport, processing times and documentary evidence required should be directed to the Consular Section. Please visit the following link for more information

Useful links- About Australian Citizenship

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