Australian partner visa for my Thai wife

Australian partner visa for my Thai wife

Australian partner visa for my Thai wife. If you are an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident your Thai wife may be eligible to apply for a partner visa to migrate to Australia. To be eligible for a partner visa you must be either legally married or in a de-facto relationship with your Thai partner. Supporting evidence must be provided that evidence that your relationship is genuine and continuing, and to the exclusion of all others. If you are not legally married or in a de-facto relationship, you may want to consider a prospective marriage visa.

Is a traditional Buddhist ceremony recognised as a legal marriage?

No, it is not. Whilst a traditional Buddhist ceremony may be evidence of the genuineness of your relationship, it is not legally recognised in Australian for visa purposes. For a marriage in Thailand to be recognised it must be registered at a local district office in Thailand.

How long for does it take for a partner visa to be granted? 

Partner visa processing time frames vary depending upon a number of factors. It is not uncommon for a partner visa to take up to two years to be granted. An applicant can avoid any unnecessary delays by providing all support documentation in a timely manner and responding to any Department requests for further information within the time frame stipulated.

How much does a partner visa cost?

Partner migration is by no means inexpensive. The current partner visa application fee is $7160. This fee will increase by a further 5.4% on 1 July 2019. If the application also includes any children, there will be an additional application fee for each child. In addition to the partner visa application fee, there will be additional charges for any required medicals, police clearances and document translations.

Can my wife apply for a partner visa in Australia?

If your Thai wife wants to apply for a partner visa in Australia, she must be in Australia at time of application and holding a valid visa which does not have the Condition 8503 ‘no further stay’ attached to her visa. For example, if your wife is in Australia on a subclass 600 visitor visa which has Condition 8503 attached to it, she will be prevented from applying for a partner visa whilst she is in Australia. She will only be able to apply for a partner visa outside of Australia

Can my wife visit Australia during the processing of her partner visa application?

Yes, she can apply for a visitor visa during the processing of a partner visa application. This what many of our client’s choose to do so as to lessen the time they have to spend apart from their partner. If your wife wants to visit you in Australia during the processing of her partner visa application, she will need to apply for another visa which allows her to do so, for example, a subclass 600 visitor visa. Even though she has made an application for a partner visa in Thailand, her visitor visa application must still evidence that her sole intention is to visit Australia as a genuine temporary visitor only.

My wife has children from a previous relationship. Can they be included in her partner visa application?

You wife’s children can be included in her partner visa application as secondary migrating applicants. There will be an additional visa application charge for each child that is added to her application. You will also need to have consent from any child’s non-migrating parent that they consent to the child migrating to Australia.

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