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 About Obtaining an Australian Partner Visa For Thai Wife

If you have found that the love of your life is your Thai partner and you would like to bring her to Australia you will need to obtain an Australian visa. Thai Visa Express is experienced in all partner Visa Thai wife applications and they can offer you guidance and assistance so you and your loved one can be together.You will need to prove that you are in a genuine relationship.  You can be married, engaged or a de-facto couple, which includes same-sex couples.  Married couples need to prove that they were married prior to applying for the partner visa.  For those in a de-facto relationship, you will need to show that you and your partner have been living together with only brief periods of separation.

Those who are engaged must demonstrate that you are both committed to sharing a life together and you must marry within nine months of being granted the Prospective Marriage visa.  You are allowed to marry outside of Australia but you must have visited Australia prior to the wedding.

We need a partner visa for my Thai Wife do we Qualify?

The sponsoring person in the couple must be an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen.  Both people must be over 18 years of age and must meet the Australian Department of Immigration & Citizenship Health and Character requirements.

The couple has to prove that they have met in person and have a solid personal knowledge of each other. Lots of information can be found on free forums such as the Australian Visa Forum which is very helpful.

It can be difficult to know how to provide proof for these requirements especially the intangible ones.  Requesting help from Thai Visa Express is advised.  We can help prepare and submit your partner visa Thai wife application.  The current fees are over $3000 per applicant so you want to make sure your application is completed correctly.  Thai Visa Express has trained and certified Migration Agents who have years of experience and success.  Contact us and allow us to help you achieve the goal of being together with your loved one.

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