Australian Tourist Visa – Thai Citizens

Australian tourist visa


Australian tourist visa applications are difficult for some Thai citizens, as they are often considered high-risk travelers. To obtain a visa, we will need to fill out and submit an online Tourist Stream Visa Form 1419, which you can download. Once we have accomplished the form & other supporting documents, Thai Visa Express will process your Australian visa application in Bangkok. Our migration agents offer a no-win-no-fee service with all tourist visa applications. You will receive expert advice from our experienced immigration consultants.  Need a visa to Australia contact us today we operate on a no visa no professional fees basis guaranteed call 0801022328.


Visitor Visa stream (subclass 600)


This visa stream lets you visit Australia as a tourist, or to see family and friends.

  • We may grant a stay of 3, 6 or 12 months
  • Eligible parents of Australian citizens might be granted a longer validity period
  • Visit friends and family & friends in Australia


What’s the visa fee?


From 140 AUD


You must prove that the applicant is a genuine visitor to Australia


When applying for a visa, you must show the processing visa officer that you are a genuine visitor of the country. The officer should recognize that you are only visiting Australia for leisure. Showing evidence of your intentions to return to Thailand after your vacation may increase your chance of getting an Australian tourist visa. Consider presenting as many supporting documents as possible, as officers analyze visa applications of Thai women carefully. Apart from proving that you will return to Thailand, you must also present financial documents, showing that you have sufficient funds for the trip.


For first-time visitors, the immigration officer may only issue a three-month Australian tourist visa with a No Further Stay Condition. Depending on your circumstances, you may have the chance to receive a visa allowing you to stay in the country for three, six, nine, or twelve months. Our immigration consultants can give you a thirty-minute visa assessment we can give you the correct guidance on where to lodge your visa application at the correct embassy in Thailand. Further information & guidance about Australian visa applications can be found here at the official Website VFS Bangkok or browse our website for further information.


How can Thai Visa Express help


Thai Visa Express is a team of professional immigration consultants who are always ready to assist you with your UK settlement visa application in Thailand. You will be assigned a designated caseworker who will give you a free initial consultation, and further advice as well as completing the visa application forms and appendix documents. We have over 15 years of experience dealing with UK visas & immigration on a daily basis.


What’s included in this service?


  • Initial review of your immigration case acheter cialis belgique sans ordonnance
  • Completion of all the online immigration forms
  • Translations if required
  • All covering letters of support
  • We will book the biometrics appointment
  • Submission of the visa application in Bangkok
  • On-going visa support up until your application has been decided
  • All cases are taken on a no win no professional fees basis


What are your professional fees to process this type of application?


Our fees in total are 25,000 THB, you pay an initial deposit of 10,000 THB, & the balance once the visa is issued.


FAQ – Australian visa teasers


What’s the current tourist Visa Processing Time in Thailand


It is currently taking up to 10 days from submission.


Will my Thai partner need to travel to Bangkok?


All visa applicants must attend VFS to give biometrics.


What is condition 8503 (No further Stay Condition)


This condition restricts Australian tourist visa holders from extending their stay in the country. It also prevents them from switching to another type of visa, such as an onshore partner visa, unless they can demonstrate that they have special circumstances to do so.


Can I sponsor my girlfriend to visit Australia?


To sponsor your Thai girlfriend to visit Australia you will need to show that she is a genuine visitor. You both must have me & be able to prove that you have both physically met.


Can I apply for the visa online?


Applications can be lodged online using the immigration account.


My Thai spouse has lodged a partner visa can we apply for a tourist visa whilst that application is being processed?


You can submit an application for an Australian tourist visa for you’re Thai wife whilst your application is being processed.

Founded in 2005, Thai Visa Express has helped many clients apply for an Australian tourist visa. With a proven success rate, our company has become one of the leading migration agents in Thailand. Our team offers personalized, in-depth visa consultations 24 hours a day. As our consultants speak Thai and English proficiently, you do not have to worry about the language barrier. Thai Visa Express offers a no-visa-no fee service with all tourist visa applications. We only require an initial deposit with the balance paid only once the visa is issued. We have our clients’ convenience in mind, Thai Visa Express has an office in central Pattaya that you can visit any time.

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