Australian Visitor Visa

Australia visitors visa

Three Facts You Should Know About Obtaining an Australian Visitor Visa

Australia is a desirable tourist destination for many.  Known for fine dining, exotic wildlife and family-friendly activities Australia attracts families, couples and adventurers.  Thai nationals may find it difficult to obtain an Australian visitor visa however since the Australian Department of Immigration & Citizenship considers them high-risk travelers.  Here are three facts you should know about obtaining an Australian visitor visa for Thai people.

Duration of stay –  on a general visitor’s Visa

A first time Australia visitor is able to obtain a visa that is issued for a three-month period.  The visitor must agree to the condition that they will not stay any longer than three months.  Condition 8503 stipulates that the visitor will not try to change their visa to an on-shore partner visa or extend their visa once in Australia.  However, it is possible to obtain a multi-entry Australian visitor visa.  These are granted for time periods of 3, 6, and 12 months please check the latest guidance Visas & Migration Bangkok .

Are You A Genuine Visitor To Australia

Applicants must prove to the processing visa officer that they are a genuine tourist.  Tourism is their sole purpose for traveling to Australia and they will not stay longer than the amount of time they stated.  Applicants must prove an intention to return to Thailand and show that adequate funds are available for self-sufficiency during the duration of the stay in Australia.

Australian Visitor Visa – Visa Application Form – 1419

Applicants are required to complete Form 1419 which is the visitor visa application.  Thai Visa Express can help applicants prepare and submit the form and all other documents required.  We typically take one week to carefully complete the application.  Depending on how the form is submitted it generally takes 10 working days to one month for the visa to be processed.

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