Can I Marry My Thai Girlfriend in England?

Can I Marry My Thai Girlfriend in England?

We recently received this enquiry regarding a UK Fiancée Visa which is so typical of the questions that we often get asked.

“I have been with my Thai Girlfriend for several years, and she has visited England on several occasions. We have now decided that we want to get married but would like to get married in the UK as lots of my family would be unable to travel to Thailand. I know that this is not possible on a UK Tourist Visa but would like to know what alternatives are available? We will be returning to Thailand after as we both have jobs in the Kingdom.”

The UK Fiancée Visa

The UK Fiancée Visa is suitable for British nationals who wish to marry their partner in the UK. In Thailand, the typically relates to British man marrying his Thai girlfriend. The visa is valid for six months, and you must intend to get married and indeed get married during this period; otherwise, the visa will elapse.

The couple must have met each other face to face previously and having met online is not suitable. After the wedding, the couple must intend to live together as man and wife either in the UK or in Thailand. During her time in the UK, your Thai fiancée must be able to support herself financially without access to public funds. Naturally, the pair of you must have adequate accommodation after marriage.

After Marriage

Although this particular client stated that he wished to return to Thailand after marriage, Thai wives can apply for a UK Spouse Visa. The visa can be applied for either in the UK or Thailand and will allow your Thai wife to live in the UK for an initial period of 33 months which will then be extended to the full five if your circumstances remain the same. There are some strict stipulations with this visa details of which can be found by on our website.

Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)

After the five years have passed, your Thai wife can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain. ILR means that she can stay in the UK for an unlimited period. After she has made this application, she can then apply to become a nationalised British citizen. Of course, for both ILR and citizenship, some strict criteria must be met so that she can qualify.

We can help!

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