Can I rrust my Thai girlfriend to be faithful when I am in England?

Can I rrust my Thai girlfriend to be faithful when I am in England?

One of the most significant concerns for many of us regarding our Thai girlfriends is whether we can trust them when we’re not around. Just like with partners from any country, some can be trusted, while others cannot. However, the circumstances of where you met your Thai girlfriend may heavily influence this trust factor. Unfortunately, if you met her in a bar, the likelihood of her being faithful might not be as high; although this is a generalisation, it tends to hold true in many cases.


What can you do in such a situation?


In reality, if you’re not physically present in the country, it’s challenging to take concrete actions. However, there are a few  further steps you can consider to potentially address the situation:


1. **Continue providing financial support:** While it may be unfortunate, continuing to send money can help sustain her and maintain a level of trust.

2. **Frequent video calls:** Regular communication via video calls can help bridge the distance and maintain emotional connection.

3. **Express appreciation:** Make efforts to show your appreciation for her and convey how much you miss her, reinforcing your emotional bond.

4. **Reassure her about your return:** Ensure she understands your plans to return, emphasising your commitment to the relationship and giving her something to look forward to.

While these steps may not completely alleviate concerns about trust, they can contribute to maintaining a connection and fostering trust despite the distance.


Alternatively, if you find yourself questioning the trust in your relationship with your Thai girlfriend, it’s essential to reflect on why you’re together. If you believe there’s potential for the relationship to grow stronger, one option is to bring her to the UK with you.


Your Thai girlfriend can spend up to six months a year in the UK on a UK Tourist Visa, providing an opportunity for both of you to strengthen your bond. This may foster a sense of appreciation and security for her, while also offering you peace of mind.


Obtaining a UK tourist visa can be straightforward, especially with the assistance of experts in the field. They can guide you through the application process, ensuring everything is handled smoothly and efficiently.


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