Can I Trust My Thai Girlfriend?

Can I Trust My Thai Girlfriend?

 Can I Trust My Thai Girlfriend?


It’s fair to say that many people feel nervous about leaving their Thai girlfriend alone in Thailand when they return to the UK. This is especially true if she was previously a Thai bar girl. However, it’s important to understand that not all Thai girls are the same. Just like in any other country, some women may cheat on their partners, but many do not.Understanding Trust and Relationship DynamicsMany Thai girls are looking for just one man—someone who can take care of her and perhaps her family for the rest of her life. If your girlfriend truly loves you, she likely values the relationship and the future it promises, and wouldn’t want to jeopardize that by being unfaithful. It’s a misconception to assume that all Thai girls, especially those who may have worked in bars, are untrustworthy. Many Thai women work in regular jobs and are horrified by the idea of infidelity.


Assessing Your Relationship


1. Knowing Your Girlfriend: You probably know your Thai girlfriend better than anyone else. If you met her in a bar, and there’s no shame in that, did you ‘buy her out of the bar’? If you didn’t, it probably means that she is still working there and potentially engaging in the same activities. If you did take her out of the bar, do you now support her financially? Ensuring she has enough money to support herself and her family can influence her actions when you are not around.

2. Mutual Concerns: Consider her perspective as well. Is she jealous and worried about what you do when she isn’t around? Meeting her in a Thai bar might raise concerns that you could go with another girl. If you live in a different country, this is a reasonable concern, especially if she is unfamiliar with it.


Building Trust


One effective way to build trust is to spend more time together in your home country. Many people choose to bring their Thai girlfriends back to the UK for a few months each year. Thai girlfriends can obtain a visa allowing them to stay in the UK for up to six months out of twelve. This time together can help both of you feel more secure and confident in the relationship.


Benefits of Bringing Her to the UK


1. Increased Confidence: The act of bringing her to the UK can boost her confidence in the relationship. It demonstrates a commitment that she will likely appreciate and not want to lose.

2. Peace of Mind: Being together in the UK can put both of your minds at ease. She will feel more secure knowing she is an important part of your life, and you will feel more confident in her loyalty.


Trust is fundamental in any relationship, and building it takes time, understanding, and mutual effort. While it’s natural to have concerns, focusing on open communication and spending quality time together can help strengthen your bond. By bringing your Thai girlfriend to the UK, you not only show your commitment but also give her a chance to experience your life and understand your culture. This mutual understanding can significantly enhance the trust and stability in your relationship.


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