Can My Thai Girlfriend Work In The UK?

Can my Thai girlfriend work in the UK

This is a question that we frequently get asked and it is a perfectly understandable one. Often, we find that people are quite keen on their Thai girlfriend to come and visit them in the UK but are concerned that their Thai girlfriend may be bored. Another frequent reason is that they are concerned about funding their Thai lady for any significant period of time.


Can my Thai girlfriend work in the UK if she has a UK Tourist Visa?


If your Thai girlfriend has a UK standard visitiors visa she will NOT be allowed to work in the UK under any circumstances. This visa is designed to allow foreign nationals entry into the UK as a tourist to visit family, friends or to experience the UK. If your Thai girlfriend were to work either paid or unpaid in the UK she would be breaking the law which may lead to her expulsion from the UK and adversely affect any future visa applications.


What UK Visa would my Thai girlfriend require to work in the UK?


Obtaining a UK Visa can be quite difficult as Work Permits are generally only granted for highly skilled jobs. For instance, you Thai girlfriend would not get a work permit to be a Thai masseuse. Having said that, there are jobs in certain professions and industries that may allow your Thai girlfriend to apply for a work permit and therefore, UK Work Visa if she were to occupy a ‘key position’.


There are several different Tiers of UK Visa when it comes to UK Work Visas. The most commonly used are the Tier 1 – Exceptional Talent Visa, Tier 2 – General Work Visa, Tier 2 – Intra-Company Transfer Visa or Tier 5 – Temporary Work Visa. Here at Thai Visa Express, we can advise you which visa would be most suitable for your Thai girlfriend’s personal circumstances.


How long is a UK Work Visa valid for?


Firstly, for all UK Work Visas, the applicant is required to have a firm job offer before they can apply for a visa. Depending on which visa your Thai girlfriend applies for will determine how long it is valid for. Visas can be granted for between one day and five years. The processing time is usually around 3-4 weeks after the application has been submitted.


Can my Thai wife work in the UK if she has a UK Spouse Visa?


If you are married to your Thai, they could apply for a UK Spouse Visa in Thailand as this assumes that your plan is to live in the UK. If your Thai wife qualifies for a UK Spouse Visa she will be allowed to work in the UK as soon as she enters the country. With this type of visa, there will be no restriction on the type of work that she can undertake.


We can help!


Here at Thai Visa Express, we can assist you with all types of UK Visa applications. We deal with the British Embassy in Bangkok on a daily basis as well as having an office in the UK. If you would like more information about our service, you can contact us here.

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