Can My Thai Wife Bring Her Mum to the UK on a Dependent Visa?

Thai mother in law UK Dependent Visa

Thai families are incredibly close, and the mother is usually the matriarch of the family. It is therefore natural that your Thai wife may wish to take her mother to come and live with you in the UK. To do this, she would need to apply for a UK Dependent Visa, but it is very difficult for anyone over the age of 18 years old to qualify.


The UK Dependent Visa


The defining factor regarding whether your Thai mother-in-law would be eligible for a UK Dependent Visa is if she can care for herself on a day-to-day basis. If she can’t, and she would need to be independently assessed to confirm that this is the case, she may be eligible to use the UK Dependent Visa as a means of entering the UK. If she can look after herself, this avenue will be immediately closed.

The only other exception that she may be granted the visa in exceptional circumstances is if her mother was coming to care for your wife because of a serious illness.


Alternative Options


If the UK Dependent Visa is not an option, your Thai mother-in-law could come to visit you and your wife medium-term each year on a UK Visitor Visa (UK Tourist Visa). It would mean:

  • She could stay in the UK up to six months out of the twelve each year
  • She would be able to join in normal family life
  • Get to experience a new country


She would not be able to:

  • Work in the UK
  • Gain access to public funds
  • Stay longer than the permitted six months out of the twelve


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