Can My Thai Wife’s Brother Come and Visit Us in the UK?

Can My Thai Wife’s Brother Come and Visit Us in the UK?

Yes, it is possible for your Thai wife’s brother to visit you in the UK, but he would need to apply for a UK family visa like any other applicant. Since he will be staying with you during his visit, providing proof of accommodation should be straightforward. However, it’s crucial for him to convincingly demonstrate to UK visas & immigration that he has compelling reasons to return to Thailand, especially if he doesn’t have immediate family ties there.

This can include evidence of stable employment, financial resources, and social ties in Thailand. By applying for a family visitor visa, your Thai wife’s brother can provide additional evidence of his relationship with your family, which may strengthen his application. This visa category also allows for longer stays compared to a standard tourist visa, making it more suitable for his intended month-long visit.

The requirements for a UK tourist visa typically include:


1. Proof of intention to leave the UK at the end of the visit, such as a return flight booking or evidence of ongoing commitments in Thailand.
2. Ability to financially support oneself during the stay in the UK, demonstrated through bank statements or sponsorship letters.
3. Means to pay for the return journey to Thailand or onward travel, often evidenced by sufficient funds in a bank account.
4. Evidence of suitable accommodation during the visit, which could include a letter of invitation from you confirming his stay at your home, hotel bookings, or rental agreements.


Additionally, he may need to provide other supporting documents, such as a valid passport, previous travel history, employment details, and ties to Thailand, to demonstrate his intention to comply with the visa conditions and return home after the visit.


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