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UK Child Settlement Visa – Dependent Children Application


Applying for a UK  child settlement visa can be one of the most complicated of all visa applications. If the child wishes to settle in the UK then they may join a parent in the UK as long as the parent can meet the immigration rules. It is a totally different application to that of a spouse who is seeking entry to settle in the UK if you wish to apply for a UK settlement visa for your child you must demonstrate you have the sole responsibility for the child. In most child settlement visa cases the embassy normally interview parents or guardians , these take place over the telephone generally & can be quite intimidating for any child. How to get a visa for my Thai wife’s children to join us in the UK is a question we get asked daily please read further about UK Settlement visas for children. In some cases to add weight to an application, you should consider a child visitor visa to see if the child can settle in the UK.


  • You must demonstrate you have sole custody of the child
  • A court order /divorce/ Por Kor 14
  • You must show you have sole responsibility
  • Evidence such as call records / financial support/ evidence of visits


See sole responsibility below for further information about child settlement visas.

UK Settlement Visa For Dependent Child ?


Many clients mistakenly overlook what is required for their dependents to migrate to the UK & refusals are not uncommon. It is therefore that any applicants should seek professional immigration advice . We have extensive knowledge & experience especially in Thailand applying for dependent children s settlement visa applications Contact US for further immigration advice.

UK Visa Thai child – Children’s UK Settlement Visa


  • Children Must be Under 18
  • TB Testing is compulsory for children 11 & over.
  • Children under 11 will now require an interview at IOM
  • Child settlement visa fees are the same as adult fees.
  • Children over 10 may be interviewed
  • Parents must meet the new financial requirements if they entered after the rules changed.
  • If they entered before July 2012 they must meet the old maintenance & accommodation requirements.
  • You must demonstrate you have sole responsibility for any settlement visa for a child.
What Is Sole Responsibility?


The following factors should be considered in assessing sole responsibility when applying for a child settlement visa :


  • Are the parents still married / in a civil partnership?
  • If the parents’ marriage / civil partnership is dissolved, which parent was awarded legal custody, which includes an assumption of responsibility for the child?
  • Who has legal custody of the Child (court order etc)
  • Does the marriage / civil partnership subsist, but the parents do not live together?
  • If the sponsoring parent migrated to the UK, how long has the sponsoring parent been separated from the child, does she visit if so how many times since they settled in the UK?
  • If the sponsoring parent migrated to the UK, what were the arrangements for the care of the child before and after the sponsoring parent migrated?
  • If the sponsoring parent migrated to the UK, what has been / what is the sponsoring parent’s relationship with the child?
  • Has the sponsoring parent consistently supported the child, either by:direct personal care; or by regular and substantial financial remittances?
  • By whom, and in what proportions, is the cost of the child’s maintenance borne?
  • Who takes important decisions about the child’s upbringing, for example where the child lives, the choice of school, religious practice etc?
  • Does the child’s father regularly have contact with the child?
Getting A Visa For Thai Child To The UK – Thai Wife Children


The rule’s sole responsibility is observed strictly and any involvement of the other parent in the upbringing of the child may lead to the conclusion that the sponsoring parent does not in fact have sole responsibility for the child or have responsibility for the major decisions in the child’s life. Entry clearance officers often make the wrong assumption or don’t read the information presented with the child settlement visa application this is why you should employ an experienced UK immigration adviser.

Dependent Child Of A Settled Person Services?


  • We can advise on the procedure involved in a dependent child application and the required supporting documents.
  • We can assess the merits of your child’s visa application.
  • We can advise on the procedure  & the likely costs involved in for applying for a UK settlement visa for a dependent child.
  • We can advise on the local documentary evidence required in Thailand.
  • We can prepare & submit the application on you’re behalf in Bangkok Thailand.
  • We can offer you a fixed fee service see our Fee Scales for further information.


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