Condition 8503

Condition 8503 – What Does it Mean ?

If condition 8503 has been imposed on your visa, it means you cannot apply for another visa (other than a protection visa or a temporary visa of a specified kind) to extend your stay while you are in Australia. Once you depart Australia condition 8503 will not prevent you from applying for other visas.

Tourist Visa Australia Has Condition 8503 Attached?

Australian tourist visas often have the condition attached to them it stops the applicant applying for another visa such as an Australian partner visa or a prospective marriage visa this is just two examples of what condition 8503 means.

Condition 8503 can be imposed on many visitor and temporary residence visas However, condition 8503 is a mandatory condition of the following visas:

  • Visitor visa (subclass 600) for the following streams:
    • sponsored family stream
    • approved destination status scheme stream operating out of the People’s Republic of China
    • tourist stream for applicants who have sponsorship imposed on them


Requesting a waiver of condition 8503

It is not possible to request that a mandatory condition  be left off your visa at the time you apply for the visa. However, if you are in Australia holding a visa with condition 8503 imposed on it and your circumstances change, there is provision to waive the condition in limited circumstances that are set out at Regulation 2.05(4) of Australia’s migration legislation.

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Information taken from 52B waiving condition 8503 from the department &of immigration & border protection website.

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