3 Unique Cultural Aspects of Dating a Thai Girl

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 Dating Thais 3 Unique Cultural Aspects  – Thai Girlfriend 


Dating Thais if you are dating a Thai girl you have already realized there are significant cultural differences the two of you will need to figure out. If you’re at the beginning of your relationship; here are three cultural differences that will probably come up – be ahead of the game by knowing about them early in your relationship!


1) Use your manners when dating Thais: Thai women highly value a gentleman. Treating your girlfriend with patience, kindness, and respect through nearly universal gestures of politeness (like opening doors or paying for dinner) holds extra significance in her culture – where women often choose a significant other based on their manners!


2) Respect her parents: In Thai culture, a women’s parents are greatly respected and their role as protector and provider in her life (prior to her marriage) is extremely important. You will probably not meet her parents immediately and when you do it will be a meeting of significance, as parents do not typically meet casual boyfriends or one-time dates. When you are introduced make sure that both your respect for their role and genuine affection for their daughter are clearly expressed.


3) Don’t push: Thai women tend to be more reserved and cautious by nature. Their reticence should not be confused with shyness but respected as their custom. Don’t push for emotional or physical intimacy, more dates, time with her family or anything else that may be seen as rushing the relationship. Bring up each subject, when enough time has passed, with love and patience and choose to be satisfied with the amount or timing that she is ready for.


4) Travel together: Thai women love to travel with their partners but it is not easy to get them a travel visa unless they come from a privileged background. Say for instance you wanted a holiday visa for your Thai girlfriend the key to success would be to include evidence of property, savings, and assets & ties to Thailand.


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