Get Married Thailand – Marry My Sexy Thai Girlfriend

Get married in Thailand. How to get married is a fairly straightforward procedure as long as you have the correct documents to get married. You both must be free to marry in Thailand & the Whole process can be done in 1 day if everything goes to plan. Be up bright & early i mean today is a life-changing day for you both . Has she mentioned the dreaded sinsot ( dowry) here the Thai family will be pulling all the strings in the background, ensure you stay strong if in doubt do not marry? Most girls have already married meaning the dowry does not need paying, Some guys as soon as they arrive in Bangkok their brains drop into their pants Remember google is your friend always check the facts before you dive into marrying your teerak.

How To Get Married In Thailand!


  1. Attend the British Embassy
  2. Fill out & sign an affirmation of freedom to marry in front of a consular official
  3. Get the document translated into Thai
  4. Attend the ministry of foreign affairs in Bangkok to get the document stamped and authenticated
  5. Go & get married in any Amhur In Thailand


Once you have completed all of the above you can now get married in Thailand legally.Further information on how to get married in Thailand if you are a UK Citizen. Some companies do offer a visa & marriage service in Thailand including express marriages in Bangkok you can, of course, do the whole thing yourself however some people prefer this service. Once you are married you should receive two Thai wedding certificates one each, plus a translation into English for both parties. this service is legally recognized for visa applications by foreign embassies in Bangkok Thailand in some cases you may be asked to provide certified copies of the Thai marriage certificate.

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