Getting To Know Your Thai Girlfriend – Pros & Cons


It can be difficult to wait for an Australian visa for your Thai girlfriend but you should make the most of the time and try getting to know your Thai girlfriend & what she likes today. Does she have a large family in Udon Thani perhaps you can visit rural Thailand with her?


Here are some ideas:

Getting To Know Your Thai Girlfriend – Learn Each Others Favorites Things She Likes To Do!


Try to learn more about each other by sharing some of your favorite things. Start with simple items like favorite color, favorite flower, and favorite season. Next share favorite movies, books, and music. If you are not familiar with your partner’s favorite movie or book takes the opportunity to watch or read it so you can discuss it further with her. Learn about favorite foods and if it isn’t something you haven’t eaten before give it a try.

Discuss Childhood Memories – Getting To Know Each Other


Learn what your partner was like as a child. What interests did they have? Did they have any special toys? Favorite childhood memories? What did they like and dislike about school?

Does your partner have leisure activities they enjoy?


If so, are they something you enjoy as well? Maybe they like a game you could play together over the internet while you are waiting for the visa. If they have a favorite movie or TV show, watch it as well so you can discuss what is happening.

By taking this opportunity to learn more about your partner while you are waiting for them to be able to travel to Australia you will have more in common when you are together. You should really get to know your Thai girlfriend & use this to cement your relationship with her.


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