Has Pattaya Resisted the Challenge from Vietnam?

Living in Vietnam

Anybody either living in Pattaya or a frequent visitor will no doubt have read the endless stories about British expats leaving Thailand in their droves and heading for Vietnam. The popular forums have all published article stating the benefits of living in Vietnam over Thailand referring to the strength of the baht and more often than not, the issues connected with Thai Retirement Visa. However, does anyone know anyone who has made the jump, permanently at least? The answer is probably “no”.


Requirements for a Thai Retirement Visa


We are all aware that obtaining a Retirement Visa in Thailand is now harder than was previously the case. As it stands, the requirements are:

  • You must be 50 years of age or older
  • Have THB800,000 in your THAI Bank for three months prior AND after application, or
  • Proof that you have an income of THB60,000 per month
  • Adequate health insurance
  • A minimum of 18 months left on your passport and a minimum of two remaining blank pages

While this may sound quite stringent, companies like Thai Visa Express can help you obtain a Thai Retirement Visa.


If I can get a visa, why move to Vietnam?


After the horrors stories passed, most people have realised that Thailand isn’t quite a bad as they had feared and that they can legally obtain a visa. While Vietnam may be cheaper in many respects, the country is still some way behind Thailand in terms of infrastructure. The reality for many retirees is that what they love about Pattaya isn’t available in Vietnam.


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