How Can I Take My Thai Girlfriend to England

UK visitors visa

How Can I Take My Thai Girlfriend To England- How To Apply For A 6 Month UK Visitors Visa?


Uk visitors visa. If you live in Thailand or you are a frequent visitor, the chances are that you will have a Thai girlfriend. It is therefore natural that you will want to take your partner back to the UK. Here at Thai Visa Express, we specialize in making this happen and as the only company in Thailand to have an OISC accreditation in the UK we are confident that we can give you the best advice. We can advise you if you are applying for a UK Spouse Visa or a Standard Visitor Visa (UK tourist visa).


Firstly, we like to stress that if you don’t get a UK visitors visa, you won’t pay an agent’s fee. Initially, you will receive a 30-minute free consultation where we will discuss you and your partner’s own situation. We are completely upfront and offer professional advice and it is at the point where we will tell you if your application has a good chance of being successful. Assuming that everything is fine, we will then progress to the next stage of taking your Thai girlfriend to the UK.


Once we have received a small deposit we will complete all of the online forms on your behalf AND pay the visa fee. This includes completing all translations that are required to complete and the submission and collection service. From start to finish, we advise our clients that the process will take around 4 weeks with an answer usually received from the British Embassy in Bangkok within 10 working days of the application being submitted.


How long will my girlfriend be able to stay in the UK?


All UK Visitor visas are 6 months, multi-entry visas, and can be applied for a maximum of three months prior to your intended date of travel. Usually, the application takes place each time your Thai girlfriend travels to the UK but in some circumstances, it is possible to apply for a 1, 2, 5 or 10 year UK Visitor visa. Regardless of how long the visa is granted, a general visitor can only spend a maximum of 6 months out of 12 in the UK. If you require something more long-term, you can talk to our team about fiancée or spouse visas.


How long you can stay – UK visitors visas are 6 months, you can apply for a visa that lasts 2, 5 or 10 years


  • You can usually stay in the UK for up to 6 months.
  • You might be able to stay for longer if:
  • you’re coming to the UK for private medical treatment – up to 11 months (£179 fee)
  • you’re an academic on sabbatical and coming to the UK for research – you, your spouse or civil partner may be able to stay for up to 12 months (£179 fee)


What does my Thai girlfriend need to qualify for a UK Tourist visa?


Firstly, your Thai girlfriend must obviously be over 18 years of age. She must be able to support herself during her time in the UK, and this includes having the means to leave the UK when her visa expires.  Sponsorship is allowed and indeed is the case with most applications that we deal with. Naturally, she will not be able to participate in any paid or unpaid work or have access to any public funds. We can advise you of any other requirements during the FREE 30-minute consultation.


What you can and can’t do on a UK visitors visa


You can:


You can’t:


Read the guidance for more information about what you can and can’t do with a Standard Visitor visa.


If you are planning on taking your Thai girlfriend back to the UK, we strongly recommend that you use the services of a professional visa company. As the only company that is OISC accredited in Thailand, we believe at Thai Visa Express we are in the perfect position to offer this advice. If you would like more information, can call us on: +66 (0)80 102 2328, +66 (0) 38 420 313 or +44 (0) 20 8133 8059, email us on: or alternatively contact us via our website

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