How Do You Prove Your Relationship With Your Thai Partner?

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If you live in the UK and your Thai girlfriend, wife or fiancée lives in Thailand, proving that you are in a genuine relationship can be quite difficult. Whilst you and your Thai girlfriend, your friends and family and most of the world may know, you still need to be able to prove it in order to qualify for certain types of UK Visa – the most obvious being the UK Fiancée Visa.

Why do we need evidence?

Sadly, over the years too many people have abused the UK immigration system and entered into marriages or relationships that were not genuine in order to enter the UK. It is now a requirement that you have evidence proving you are in a genuine relationship and this might actually be harder than you think.

What would class as evidence?

Telephone Calls

The most obvious way to prove that you are in regular contact is to show proof of regular telephone calls. This is relatively easy if calls are made from a landline or mobile as you can obtain itemised bills. Calls should be shown to be frequent and lasting a ‘reasonable’ duration. Once a week, for 5 minutes should be the bare minimum.

Skype Calls

One of the most common ways that people communicate is via Skype. It is free if you both have an internet connection, and you can easily print off your chat and call history. This should be done on a regular basis as it is quite common for this data to be lost if you accidentally delete your history or an update doesn’t install correctly.

Social Media Platform

Another way that people frequently communicate is via social media such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Line. In a similar way to Skype, you can again print off your chats as evidence of communication assuming that they aren’t too racy! If this is the case, perhaps consider using different methods of communication with one containing information that is less sensitive.


Regular email correspondence is again another easy way to prove that you are in regular communication. Copies of emails can be printed or you should show screen prints as evidence that frequent emails have been exchanged.

Keep Photographs

Photographic evidence is a great way of proving that you are together especially if it dates back over a considerable time period. Photos with you, you Thai girlfriend and family members or alternatively, being in the village tend to be taken as more serious proof that you are in a genuine relationship.


If you have visited somewhere with your Thai girlfriend and you have a ticket with your names on then this is again great evidence. An example would be flights to Phuket or Chiang Mai together. These are likely to be on the same booking so remember to keep all of this in case you need it in the future.

Evidence of Financial Transactions

If you financially support you Thai girlfriend and make regular bank transfers to her, this can again be used in evidence. However, as a word of warning, it is likely that other evidence will be required in addition to this alone as it can be treated with scepticism.

We can help!

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