How Does My Thai Girlfriend Get a Thai Passport?

How Does My Thai Girlfriend Get a Thai Passport?

If you are planning on taking your Thai girlfriend to visit you in the UK, the first thing that she will need, even before she applies for any visa, is a Thai passport. Luckily, there is a Thai passport office in the central shopping mall in Pattaya where everything can be completed within the day if you have the right documentation. They now offer a 10-year passport instead of the 5-year option for not a lot more baht.


What documentation is required?


  • Thai ID card
  • Any previous passports
  • Tabian Baan (House Book or Blue Book)
  • Name change documents
  • Marriage certificate
  • Any other documents requested at the time are subject to change without notice.


What happens at the Thai Passport Office?


  • First, take a number from the machine.
  • Fill in the start of the application form, which includes name, date of birth, place of birth, etc.
  • The officer will gather the applicant’s biometrics, such as a digital photograph and fingerprints, measure the applicant, and then verify and certify the information, confirming it is correct.
  • Pay the fee.
  • In most cases, you can pick up your passport on the same day if you pay the priority fee, but occasionally you’ll need to have it sent to you via EMS.


What are the fees?


The cost of a Thai passport is just 1,000 Thai baht, with an additional fee of THB 30 if you require the passport to be sent back to you via EMS. Payments are straightforward and should be made in cash. You can get a 10-year passport for 1,500 Thai baht.



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