How Easily Will My Thai Wife Be Able To Get a Job in the UK?

Working in the UK


Often when people move back to the UK from Thailand, it is due to financial reasons, so it is likely that your Thai wife will need to get a job. Assuming that your Thai wife has entered the UK on a UK Spouse Visa, she will be permitted to work but how easily she will be able to get a job will depend on several factors including her age, geographic location, and her skill set. Unfortunately, it is also common for Thai nationals to have unrealistic expectations regarding how much they can earn in the UK.


Places to Look For a Job


Again, it will depend on your Thai wife’s skill set for where are the best places to apply. Of course, friends and family are natural starting points, but if there are no opportunities there, then you should consider the following:

  • Employment Agencies– agencies often get a bad reputation, but they are the easiest way to get a job in the UK. Often these are low skilled jobs, but it will at least get her on the employment ladder and looking for a job is simpler when you are in employment
  • LinkedIn– if your Thai wife has some professional skills, LinkedIn could be an option although she will need to a suitable network of people in the UK. It could reap more rewards in the long-term but is not the ideal quick solution
  • Job Centre– although a slightly dated option, the Job Centre is still an option for looking for jobs. It will be similar to an employment agency, but many of the positions will be full-time and permanent rather than temporary jobs.


We can help!


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