How Easily Will My Thai Wife Be Able to Settle in the UK?

Moving to the UK

Any ex-pat will tell you that moving to a new country can be challenging, especially at first, so your Thai wife will face exactly the same challenges. Firstly, she will need to arrange a UK Spouse Visa so that she can both enter and live in the UK legally. It will allow her to work in the UK, which may help to relieve some of the boredom and settle quicker.


What other challenges may she face?


The UK and Thailand are very different countries in many respects, many of which she will never have experienced before. Here are the immediate differences that she will need to overcome:

  • The culture
  • The language, even though she will have been required to pass the A1 (IELTS) English Test
  • The weather – this may be more of a problem than you think!
  • Being away from family and friends
  • The food


What can you do to help?


Assuming that your wife has been to the UK before, she will probably need to be introduced to your family and friends but taking her to meet them again will certainly help. Try to find if you have an Asian supermarket nearby where she will be able to buy the food products that are familiar to her. Also, many towns and cities in the UK have significant numbers of Thai people living there already so there may be some groups that she can join to mix and socialise with other Thais.


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