How much income do you need to earn to bring a spouse to the UK?

How much income do you need to earn to bring a spouse to the UK?

The sponsoring partner must earn a minimum income of more than £18,600 per year or have enough savings to be able to sponsor you. If you are also sponsoring any dependent children the minimum income threshold increases to :

You’ll need to earn an extra:

  • £3,800 for your first child
  • £2,400 for each child you have after your first child

Other ways to meet the financial requirements

  • income from employment before tax and National Insurance (check your P60 or payslips) – you can only use your own income if you earn it in the UK
  • the income you earn from self-employment or as a director of a limited company in the UK – check your Self Assessment tax return
  • cash savings above £16,000
  • money from a pension
  • non-work income, for example from property rentals or dividends

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