How much money do I need for an Australian tourist visa?

How much money do I need for an Australian tourist visa?

 Firstly, you won’t find it written anywhere within the Migration Act and Regulations exactly how much money is needed to be granted a tourist visa. Except of course for the visa application charge that must be paid to submit an application. For our Thai clients submitting a tourist visa application in Thailand to visit Australia, the current visa application charge is $140. There is also a fee of 850 Thai Baht which must be paid for the required biometrics which can be done in either Bangkok or Chiang Mai. In some cases, a tourist visa applicant may also be required to undertake a health examination or provide a Thai police clearance certificate. This will also incur additional charges.


After you submit your application the Department will advise you of the requirement to provide biometrics. They will also advise you whether a health examination or Thai police clearance certificate will be required. In most cases they won’t be required, but this will depend upon the answers you have given in your application, and the period of stay you have requested in Australia.


How much money do I need for my stay in Australia?


This is different from the costs of applying for a tourist visa. Any visitor to Australia must have adequate means to support themselves, or access to adequate means to support themselves, during the period of their intended stay in Australia. It is very important to note that an applicant does not need to have their own funds. These can be provided by a relative of a friend in Australia. However, an applicant’s own financial circumstances may determine whether they have a genuine intention to visit Australia temporarily.


Should I deposit money into my Thai girlfriend’s bank account for her tourist visa application?


Whatever you do with your money is certainly your business. However, we strongly advise against depositing money into an applicant’s bank account. Recently deposited funds may raise some suspicions as to whether the funds are personally owned by an applicant. A savings history is considered to be better evidence of the availability of the applicant’s adequate funds. Therefore, if you do deposit money into your girlfriend’s bank account, you must ensure that you address this in a letter of support that she would include with her tourist visa application.

At Thai Visa Express we recommend against depositing funds into an applicant’s bank account, but instead providing a comprehensive letter of support that details all of the support you will be providing your Thai girlfriend whilst she is in Australia. It is also very important that you include evidence of your ability to provide any support offered.


What are adequate means of support?


When assessing whether a tourist visa applicant has adequate means of support, the Department will take into account what activities they plan to undertake whilst they are in Australia and what their accommodation/living arrangements will be whilst they are in Australia. For example, if your Thai girlfriend is coming to stay with you in Australia, and food and accommodation are provided by you, then she would not need to demonstrate the same level of funds as an independent traveler who is planning on traveling around Australia and staying in 5-star hotels.

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