How To Adopt A Child In Thailand

Adopt a Child in Thailand

If you have a Thai girlfriend or wife, there is a good chance that she will have a child from a previous relationship. If you have been together for a long time, you may wish to adopt the child, especially if you have brought them up as your own. Any child adoption case in Thailand goes before the Child Adoption Centre of the Department of Children and Youth, which is regulated by the Child Adoption Board of Thailand.


Documents Required


The following documents will need to be presented to the Child Adoption Centre:

  1. The birth certificate of the child along with a photo and housing registration documents
  2. The identity card of the child
  3. A signed letter of consent from the child’s biological parents must be witnessed by an authorised official
  4. If the parents are divorced a divorce certificate or court order granting permission should also be presented
  5. If a parent is deceased, of a copy of the death certificate should be produced. If both biological parents have died, you the adopter must apply for a court order agreeing to the adoption
  6. Agreement from the child’s father or if he cannot be traced an official statement from the District Office


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