How will my Thai partner cope in England ?

Thai partner

There is little doubt that there are some massive cultural difference between Thailand and the UK and your Thai girlfriend is bound to find this a shock, especially if it is her first visit. The reality will hit her as soon as she steps off the plane, the weather for starters! As she heads toward UK Passport Control they will check her UK visa,  and she will realize that British people like to get through immigration quickly and that there is a sense of urgency that rarely ever exists in Thailand – and all this is before she has legally entered the country

However, from now on things will get easier for her,  British people tend to like Thais, it is probably their smiling faces, not to mention their good looks that win people over and this will certainly help your Thai girlfriend to cope in the UK. As she starts to familiarise herself with her new surroundings she will probably find some things quite strange, carpets and central heating, not mention a vacuum cleaner rather than a brush for instance!

As things move on, your Thai partner will probably find her way to the kitchen as the pad kapow cravings may now be starting to set in. Obviously, Thai food to cook at home at least is not particularly easy to come by. If you are lucky you may have an Asian Supermarket near to where you live which will inevitably help her to feel more at home. Otherwise, you might have to make do with the best fit alternative from the local supermarket.

As you move on from the food and she starts to become acquainted with your normal daily life she may start to become a little more unsettled and understandably a homesick. This is where she will start to experience cultural differences and the fact that general attitudes are quite different. This will, of course, be quite hard for her, at first at least and she may experience some of the typical stereotypes that British people expect about Thai girls.

Generally, Thai women are quite good at adapting, it is something that she will have done all her life and so long as she feels respected, she will probably enjoy the whole experience. There is little doubt that she will want to travel around, she won’t want to see the inside of your local pub every day, so try to plan to show her somethings that she would be interested in. London is an obvious favorite and no doubt the local shopping center will also be high on her list, but try to think of some things that will be different and interesting (for her). This will help her to cope far better on her visit to the UK.

If everything goes well on her first visit there is a good chance you will want another UK visa for your Thai partner, or perhaps you are thinking of living in the UK in the future. Moving to the UK is a completing different ball game to a visit and you will need to be legally married, a big step in anyone’s eyes. However, if this is something that you are seriously considering, you need to look at how you would obtain UK immigration advice in Thailand. This is quite complex so it is wise to speak to experts like Thai Visa Express who you can contact here. We will be able to guide you through the process and help you get established.

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