If your 90 day visa vignette ( UK visa ) has expired what do you do

If your 90 day visa vignette ( uk visa ) has expired what do you do

If your 90-day vignette  (UK visa) has expired, you will need to apply for a replacement by completing a new online form. The cost of replacing an expired 90-day vignette visa is £154 and you will need to make an appointment to resubmit your biometric information at a UK Visa application centre.


We would advise that you only apply for a new visa, or apply to replace an expired vignette when you are confident you can travel to the UK. The new vignette will be valid for a period of 90 days. If you cannot travel during this time, you may need to apply again to update your vignette at a further cost.


If you have submitted an application for a replacement visa, and are still awaiting a decision, but now no longer intend to travel, you should submit a cancellation request at the Visa Application Centre that you applied from in order for them to return your valid passport.



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