Is it Still Easy to Find a Thai Girlfriend?

Thai Girlfriend

Many people still come to Thailand and Pattaya in particular in search of love. They hope to find a Thai girlfriend, usually a Thai bargirl and eventually take her to the UK, initially on a UK Tourist Visa, and should they get married, a UK Spouse Visa. However, with western tourists reducing in numbers, many bars and agogos are closing. Also, Pattaya is looking to clean up its image, and the girls are indeed asking for more money – essentially it isn’t as easy as it used to be.

Where can you meet girls?

  • The bars and agogos– the bar scene does still exist so you can meet girls this way.
  • Everyday places– it may sound strange, but yes, you can meet girls in the same places that you would meet girls back in the UK!
  • Online– this is a method that is becoming increasingly popular with the girls. They can be more discrete, there are no bar fines, and they can work “regular” jobs
  • Clubs– if you are looking for a more mature Thai lady, you could perhaps meet her at a dance class such as salsa. There are many of these types of clubs and schools around the city.

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