Is My Thai Girlfriend Cheating on Me?

Is My Thai Girlfriend Cheating on Me?

One of the main concerns for any farang who has a Thai girlfriend is whether she is cheating on him. This is a particular worry if they aren’t living in the Kingdom and you have to take their Thai lady’s word for where she is and what she is doing. Of course, anyone can cheat and their nationality has very little to do with this. However, if you met your Thai girlfriend when she was working as a Thai bargirl your suspicions might have some stronger foundations. After all, we have all heard the saying, “you can take the girl out of the bar but you can’t take the bar out of the girl.”

If you are living overseas, there are some ways that you can check on your Thai girl. This won’t confirm whether she is or isn’t cheating but it may put your mind more at ease or vice versa.

  1. Is your Thai lady listed on any Thai dating sites?

OK, your Thai girlfriend may have been listed on these sites before you met, indeed, it may be how you met your Thai lady. However, if she is hasn’t deleted her profile or is still active on these sites then you probably have reason to be concerned.

  1. Are the photos she sends to you recent?

This is a common trick used by Thai girls. They will send you a photograph showing her “in the village” claiming that it is today. Study the photograph, is it recent or could it have been taken months ago? If she isn’t where she says she is you need to ask yourself why?!

  1. Are video calls from a room that could be anywhere?

OK, this could be perfectly innocent and it may be the only place that she has an internet connection. However, if you don’t know where the room is, it could quite easily be at her parent’s home or alternatively, where she lives in Pattaya. Take time to look at your Thai girlfriend’s appearance and use this information in conjunction with any photos that you are sent, are the photos recent (see above).

  1. Does she frequently not answer the phone?

Thai girls almost always have their phone with them. If you are calling directly to her phone rather than making an internet call, more often than not, she should be able to answer the phone leia o artigo. If she can’t, think of the reasons why.

  1. If you transfer money by Western Union, where does she collect it from?

Transferring money to your Thai girlfriend is common practice with Western Union being one of the favoured methods to do this. When your Thai lady goes to collect her money you will be able to check the Western Union website to find out which branch she collected it from. Is it where you expected?

Take Your Girlfriend to the UK

One way that you can be sure that your Thai girlfriend isn’t cheating on you (in Thailand at least) is to take her to the UK. In order to do this, she would need a UK Tourist Visa which would allow her to stay in the UK for up to 6 months each year.

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