Is There a Large Thai Community in the UK?

Thai people in England


Many people are surprised by how many Thai people live in the UK and this is not something that is just limited to the major cities. Obviously, it varies from area to area, but in most towns and cities, your Thai girlfriend or wife will be able to spend time with people from her own country. The advantage of this is that it will help her to settle if she can speak her native language and experience Thai life again, even if it is only for a few hours.


How Can My Thai Wife or Girlfriend Meet Other Thais?


If you have an Asian supermarket close to you, the proprietors will probably be aware of other Thais that are living in the area and frequent their shop. They may be able to make an initial introduction and give you an idea of where they hang out or spend their time. Just like with us Brits living in Thailand, we are generally welcoming of other ex-pats as we appreciate their situation and the highs and the lows that others will be experiencing.


An alternative is to search for other groups on the internet. However, this is often less fruitful and tends to be organized groups or activities that your Thai girlfriend may or may not be interested in. Regardless of if your Thai lady has entered the UK on a UK Tourist Visa or a UK Spouse Visa, getting to know other Thais will be beneficial all around.



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