Legal Thai Marriage Service: The Experience of a Lifetime

Legal Thai marriage service

One of the many benefits of travel to Thailand is the opportunity to immerse oneself in a completely different culture and to have a thoroughly enriching travel experience during a relatively short stay. Although honeymoons in destinations such as Bang Kok and Phu Ket are a great deal more common, more and more people in the Western world are choosing to integrate themselves more fully into the local culture by taking their wedding vows in Thailand. The advantages of doing so are many: if Thailand is the chosen location for the wedding as well as the honeymoon, then the bride’s parents will have saved a great deal of money compared to holding the wedding at home, where costs can easily top $20,000.

Express Legal Thai Marriage Service In Thailand!

Getting married in Thailand also makes for a more intimate ceremony for family and close friends, since it is generally not feasible for two hundred or more guests to make an overseas trip for a wedding – especially to countries where a tourist visa must first be procured. You should look for legal Thai marriage service in Thailand as these guys can organize everything for you.

Legal Thai Marriage Service

The traditional Thai marriage service differs greatly from a Western-style Christian wedding, but adherence to tradition also varies by region in Thailand. Although the typical Thai wedding ceremony is not religious, a certain number of Buddhist traditions are observed, and these are more likely to be followed in the northern part of Thailand than in Bang Kok and Phu Ket. These traditions may include a formal engagement ceremony, paying homage to the bride’s ancestors and making merit either by inviting monks to the wedding (who will then receive donations from those in attendance) or by symbolically setting free an animal such as a bird or fish.

More information about traditional Thai weddings can be found here. Australians wishing to be married in Thailand are at a particular advantage due to their close proximity to the Pacific Rim, but it is important to have a visa in place before making any non-refundable travel plans. Thai Visa Express specializes in visas for foreign nationals entering the country for tourism purposes or for an extended stay, and our experts in immigration law will help you every step of the way so that you can focus your efforts on making your Thai marriage service the experience of a lifetime.

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