Meeting the UK Spouse Visa Income Threshold as a Returning Resident

Meeting the UK Spouse Visa Income Threshold as a Returning Resident

Many ex-pats that are living in Thailand, have lived with their Thai wives in the UK previously. With the strength of the Thai Baht against the Pound, along with issues surrounding the Thai Retirement Visa, many have decided that they must return to the UK, with their Thai wives. In these circumstances, the Thai wife would be a “Returning Resident”.


What are the Financial Requirements?


The financial requirements are the same as with a UK Spouse Visa. You will need earning an income of £18,600 per annum; this can be via a pension (state, private or occupational), employment or self-employment income. We will discuss later the other things that can be used to make up the income. Alternatively, you can have savings of £16,000, although if this is what you are solely relying upon, that figure jumps to £62,500.


What qualifies as “income”?


Naturally, pension income, salaries, and profits from being self-employed can all be included, but other items that can be used include:


  • Income from a directorship of a UK Limited Company
  • Any income that you make from property rentals, dividends/investments
  • Child maintenance
  • Any combination of both income and savings that mean you meet the threshold
  • Some other benefits, although this is limited. We can discuss this with you on a face to face basis.


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