Moving Back to England – Can I Trust My Thai Girlfriend?

Moving Back to England – Can I Trust My Thai Girlfriend?

With an increasing number of British ex-pats being forced to return to the UK and leaving their girlfriends behind, there are naturally concerns about whether they can trust their Thai girlfriend. Although most girls return to the village, there is always the nagging concern that your Thai girlfriend has a Thai husband or that she will return to Pattaya at some point. Obviously, how much you trust your Thai girl will depend very much on the individual.


Reasons to Trust Your Thai Girlfriend

  • You are sending her money each month.
  • She wants to go to England.
  • She genuinely loves you.
  • She sees a future together.
  • She has always been trustworthy.


Reason for Concern with Your Thai Girlfriend

  • She refuses to accept video calls, and when she does, she is in a room that could be anywhere.
  • She doesn’t answer calls after 8 p.m. (Thai time).
  • She still keeps in regular contact with her “friends” from her local area.
  • You don’t support her.
  • She doesn’t have a good track record when it comes to telling the truth.


Moving to or visiting the UK


Most people want to take their Thai girlfriend back to the UK with them, especially if you have been together for quite a long time. If she hasn’t been to the UK before, the best approach would be to visit the country on a UK tourist visa. The visa would allow her to stay in the country for up to six months out of the twelve. If this went well and she was considering living in the UK permanently, she would need to get a UK spouse visa. You would both need to be married; she could then change her Thai ID card and get a new passport using your family name. She would need to pass the A1 language requirements and have a valid TB-free certificate. The sponsor would be you, her husband. You would always need accommodation and meet the financial requirements of Appendix FM.

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