Moving Back to England – Can I Trust My Thai Girlfriend?

Moving Back to England – Can I Trust My Thai Girlfriend?

“As the number of British expatriates returning to the UK and leaving their girlfriends behind increases, concerns naturally arise about the trustworthiness of their Thai partners. While many women may return to their villages, there remains a lingering worry about whether a Thai girlfriend may have a husband or eventually return to Pattaya. Trust levels in a Thai partner will inevitably vary greatly depending on the individual.”


“Reasons to Trust Your Thai Girlfriend:

  • You regularly send her money each month.
  • She expresses a desire to visit England.
  • She demonstrates genuine love and affection for you.
  • She envisions a future together with you.
  • She has consistently shown herself to be trustworthy.”


“Reasons for Concern with Your Thai Girlfriend:


1. She refuses to accept video calls, and when she does, she is in a room that could be anywhere.
2. She doesn’t answer calls after 8 p.m. (Thai time).
3. She maintains regular contact with her “friends” in her local area.
4. You don’t support her.
5. She doesn’t have a good track record when it comes to telling the truth.”




Moving to or visiting the UK


Many individuals aspire to bring their Thai girlfriend to the UK, particularly after being together for an extended period. If she hasn’t previously visited the UK, the recommended approach would be for her to enter the country on a UK tourist visa. This visa permits a stay of up to six months within a twelve-month period. If the visit is successful and she contemplates permanent residency in the UK, obtaining a UK spouse visa would be necessary. Marriage between you both would be a prerequisite; subsequently, she could update her Thai ID card and acquire a new passport bearing your family name. Meeting the A1 language proficiency requirements and possessing a valid TB-free certificate would be essential. As her husband, you would serve as the sponsor, thereby necessitating suitable accommodation and fulfilling the financial criteria outlined in Appendix FM.








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