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Are There Job Opportunities For My Thai Wife in the UK?


A few months ago, we wrote an article on the job prospects for your Thai wife working in the UK. Naturally, the UK, like anywhere else, has been severely affected by the coronavirus or Covid-19. Employment in the UK for anyone is hard; especially those who are seeking work when many companies are struggling to pay wages and closing or laying off staff.


However, if your Thai wife has been living in the UK for any length of time and has Indefinite Leave to Remain, the job opportunities which are available to her will be the same as a British national. Jobs in places such as supermarkets and care homes are plentiful, and in some cases, there are actually more jobs available now than previously. It is businesses that rely on passing trade such as cafes, bars, and restaurants along with many high street stores which are struggling.


If you are thinking of taking your Thai wife back to the UK to live, she will need a UK Spouse Visa. Again, there may need to be a little cautious as you need to consider the main criteria for the visa:

  • Having an income of a minimum of £18,600 p.a.
  • Having an additional income for the first child of £3,800 p.a.
  • Additional children £2,400 p.a. per child


In the current economic climate, this may be more challenging than was the case previously. However, if you are currently living and working in the UK, you will know your circumstances more accurately.


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