My Thai girlfriend is pregnant what can I do ?

Leaving my nagging wife in the UK was the first thing I decided to do back in 2010.. I arrived in the sprawling metropolis of Bangkok on a hot Sunday morning & headed out of the Suvarnabhumi arrivals hall. I jumped in a taxi & headed to my hotel in central Bangkok the 2-week adventure was about to begin for me. This was my first trip to Thailand & I had read all the books, chatted on forums you name it I read about it.



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My Thai girlfriend – a farangs adventure in Bangkok Thailand


As soon as I arrived at the hotel they offered me a safety deposit box. I have been made aware of the safety deposit box scam on a Pattaya forum so I declined their kind offer. One thing that immediately struck me was why are these girls staring at me in the lobby, had they never seen a farang before. Off I headed to my room to get a shower then I intended to Nip out for a beer or two later that evening & explore central Bangkok.


I had decided to head up to Soi Nana having read a lot about this popular venue & this is where my evening ended. As i passed a beer bar I noticed a beautiful young lady gazing over,I would say she weighed around 48 kilos & man she was hot. I know we all have different tastes in Thai women but believe me, she was a 10 out of 10. I sat down for a beer or two with her, luckily for me she only started working the bar that evening, that was the first lie that came out of her mouth that evening.


I agree it was my first trip to Thailand & I was a newbie but this felt right for me. Within minutes I realized this girl was a professional, the first thing she did was ask me my age then proceeded to tell me that I am a very handsome man..As the night wore on she dropped in some highly unlikely stories but, I wasn’t intending to marry her at that point. i was not going to get into a fight with her I had other ideas. Had I insisted on the truth then it would have ruined the evening. Anyway, it worked & we spent the following 10 days together, times I will never forget.


Once I arrived back home in the UK I immediately booked my next trip, the intention was to head to Pattaya. it was then when I received the dreaded telephone call from my Thai girlfriend I had just spent 2 weeks with.


Darling listen me ………….I am pregnant !


Now come on I considered myself a bit of a playboy, I mean how can it be my child that she is expecting. I read all about this on google they consider a kid to a farang their pension, I guess her mama will be doing cartwheels as we speak. Anyway, i decided to head back to Thailand to confirm that she was pregnant in the coming weeks.


I mean I had responsibilities, but this girl was also tugging on my heartstrings I decided to return in 3 months & once I arrived; she was defiantly pregnant this suggested to me that the child was conceived during our time together on my first visit. We agreed that I would return again as soon as I could after the child was born. We would then have a DNA test to prove the kid was mine once he/she was born, we further discussed perhaps applying for a UK visa in Bangkok & perhaps marriage at a later date. once the child was born.


Part 2 coming soon ……………….

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