My Thai girlfriend was refused a visitor visa to visit me in Australia, can she reapply?

My Thai girlfriend was refused a visitor visa

The answer is yes, but unless she can adequately address the reasons for the refusal, the outcome will still be the same. At Thai Visa Express we can submit a thoroughly prepared visitor visa application that permits the Department of Home Affairs to make a favorable decision to grant your Thai girlfriend a visitor visa.

Do I need a Visa to visit Australia?


Any person who wishes to visit Australia must have a valid visa. Whilst some nationalities are eligible for an Electronic Travel Authority, known as an ETA visa, Thailand is considered a high-risk country and their citizens must, therefore, apply for a subclass 600 visitor visa. This requires the applicant to submit a full visitor visa application that must evidence that their intention is to visit Australia as a genuine temporary entrant only. A genuine temporary entrant is someone that wants to visit Australia for tourist purpose only, will not work illegally in Australia, and will depart Australia prior to their visitor visa expiring.

Visitor visa subclass 600 -who meets the criteria for the grant of a visitor visa?


Whether a person meets the criteria for the grant of a visitor visa or not will be based on a thorough assessment of their circumstances against the criteria provided for in the Migration Act and Regulations. There are many factors that are taken into consideration in this assessment, including, but not limited to age, sex, employment, savings, previous visa compliance, family ties and economic and social circumstances in the applicant’s home country. If an applicant does not meet the criteria, then their visitor visa application must be refused. A visitor visa under the tourist stream that has been refused cannot be appealed, but an applicant is not prevented from applying again. This is where Thai Visa Express can certainly help.


At Thai Visa Express we are often contacted by Thai’s who have been refused a visitor visa to visit Australia. Whilst an applicant can certainly reapply for another visitor visa unless they can adequately address the reasons for the refusal, the result will not be any different. It is therefore essential to thoroughly examine the reason for the refusal which will be outlined in the notification of refusal which the applicant would have received from the Department of Home Affairs. This will detail why an applicant did not meet the criteria. This is the starting point when commencing a fresh application after a refusal.


We will then commence a fresh assessment of all of the applicant’s circumstances, including any relationship that they may have with an Australian citizen or permanent resident. We often find many factors which could have been included in the original application which would have allowed the Department of Home Affairs to have made a favorable decision in the first instance to grant the applicant a visitor visa. Not only will we prepare and submit a thorough application, but we will also provide a detailed written submission that addresses why the visa should be granted.


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