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my thai girlfriend

The Cultural Differences With Thai Girlfriends When it Comes To Relationships


Many of us who have a Thai girlfriend will understand the complexities that are involved with such a relationship. Yes, we have many things in common such as our sense of humor, our love of partying and in many cases, a love of travel. However, what a lot of people don’t appreciate with Thai ladies is their close connection with their families and they, particularly the mother, will always be put first, even on occasions when she might want to put her foreign husband or farang boyfriend first. How many times have people said “my Thai girlfriend wants me to send her money, this is fairly normal when a farang dates a Thai.


Thai girlfriends tend to be very loyal in many respects but with that comes a certain degree of jealousy at anything that we do. If you live in a city such as Pattaya where Thai girls are plentiful, many of whom are looking for a western boyfriend, perhaps their jealousy or caution is warranted but if she has been in a Thai/foreigner relationship for any length of time you know each other and there should be an element of trust especially if you are thinking of marrying your Thai girlfriend.

My Thai girlfriend wants to visit the UK – does she need a visa to travel?


Another thing that needs to be fully appreciated I noticed that my Thai girlfriend is the need for Thai’s to save face. In layman’s terms, being embarrassed or humiliated in public causes great shame and she may face ridicule to point of bullying from friends and family. As a result, during your relationship, your Thai girlfriend may lie or tell untruths just for the sake of saving face. This is something that is undoubtedly frustrating but is, without a doubt, a large part of Thai culture.


Another thing that you will find during your relationship with your Thai girlfriend is that they love to travel as we mentioned at the start. Jumping on a bus or minivan and sitting there for 8 or 9 hours is nothing, as well as being relatively cheap. So, if you can take your Thai girlfriend further afield she will be delighted and very grateful. When it comes to traveling overseas for longer periods it may vary from girl to girl. Some Thai girlfriends would be delighted to travel to the UK for instance whilst others may be reluctant to be parted from their family. You will know your relationship with your Thai girlfriend how the land lies.


If you are thinking of going home it is important that your Thai girlfriend has a UK visa. If you are not married you will require a UK Tourist visa that will be valid for a period of 6 months although it is a multiple entry visa. At Thai Visa Express, we can help you and your Thai girlfriend get a UK visa as we deal with the British Embassy in Bangkok on a daily basis so know exactly what is required. If you are legally married to your Thai lady, depending on the circumstances of the visit, we can also help you to get a UK Spouse Visa for Thai wife.


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