My Thai wife is planning to visit me in the UK, what visa does she require?

My Thai wife is planning to visit me in the UK

It seems perfectly normal if you are married to a Thai lady that you want to take your Thai wife to the UK. The question about what visa she will require will depend very much on the duration that she wishes to stay. If she is planning to come and live with you on a permanent basis, then she will require a long-term visa but for the purposes of this article, we will assume that she is just visiting the UK and will, therefore, require a family visitors visa.



Can I sponsor my Thai wife -What are the basic requirements for a UK Tourist Visa?


Firstly, although this is unlikely to be an issue with your Thai wife, the applicant must be over 18 years of age. The second point though is very valid and it is your Thai wife’s ability to support herself financially in the UK during her period of stay. Remember, the application for a UK Tourist Visa is for her and you are only a small part of the application although being married will play an important role. You can be a ‘sponsor’ but it would be more beneficial if she already had the funds in her bank account.


Assuming that your Thai wife gets the UK Tourist Visa, she will be allowed to stay in the UK for a period of usually up to 6 months (although there can be exceptions). The visa can be applied for no more than 3 months prior to the intended date of travel. The application process normally takes around 4 weeks.



My Thai wife is planning to visit me in the UK, will she face any restrictions?


There are some restrictions that will be imposed on your Thai wife when she has a UK Tourist Visa but in reality, as she will only be visiting you for a holiday, none of these are too significant. Your wife will not be able to work in the UK and this also includes unpaid work, she won’t be able to stay for more than 6 months (if she was looking to stay long-term she would require the UK Spouse Visa), and she won’t have any access to government funds.



Where is the application made?


The application would need to be submitted at VFS  in Bangkok. It is important that she has the correct documentation when she applies as failure to have EVERYTHING will result in her application being rejected. We strongly recommend that you use the services of a professional visa agent to assist you with the application, especially if it is the first time that she has applied for a UK Tourist Visa.



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