Obtaining A First Time Child Passport for Your Baby Born in Thailand

Obtaining A First Time Child Passport for Your Baby Born in Thailand

If you have a baby born Thai & the father is a British citizen you may be able to apply for a UK passport for the child. Children born as a result of a relationship between a British citizen and a Thai national are automatically entitled to a British passport. Obtaining your child’s first passport is far less complicated than many people believe.


For any child born after July 1, 2006, a passport will be issued regardless of the parent’s marital status. In order to apply, your child must be under 16 years old, you must legally have parental responsibility, and you must be a British citizen. Parental responsibility applies automatically to those who are either the child’s mother, the child’s father and are married to the child’s mother or are listed on the birth certificate, those who were married to the child’s mother at the time of birth, or those who have adopted the child.

Baby Born Thai – How To Get A British Passport From Thailand


Parents must be able to prove the child’s nationality. This is easily accomplished by providing a full British birth/adoption or

naturalization certificate for the child. If one of the child’s parents is a British citizen who already holds a UK passport, they must simply include these details on the child’s application. When applying, parents should be sure to include the child’s full birth certificate. Do not use the abbreviated version. The birth certificate must be an original with a translation.


The Passport Office will reject any applications including copies. In addition, if one of the parents does not currently have a British passport, they are asked to provide identification to prove identity in the form of an original foreign birth certificate or passport. If the parent’s name is different from what is printed on the full birth certificate, the parent must provide an original marriage certificate or deed poll to confirm the legal name change.


Finally, parents must provide a clear picture of their child for the passport. The child must be the only one in the picture. They cannot be holding any toys and if they are older than 1 year of age they are required to have their eyes open. However, for children under 6,it is not required that they must be looking directly at the camera.


Obtaining a First-Time Child Passport for Your Baby Born Thai – What’s required


  1. 2 x passport photos
  2. OS passport form
  3. Payment form
  4. Child’s original birth certificate
  5. mother’s ID card
  6. Mothers Thai passport
  7. Mother’s house registration (blue book)
  8. A declaration from the mother allowing the father permission to apply for the passport
  9. The father’s long UK birth certificate
  10. Countersignature – Please provide a color copy of their passport photo page.
  11. You may need in some cases to provide further documents


Further information about how to apply for a child’s first-time British passport in Thailand.


Complete the OS passport form – Passport application form


Contact Her Majesty’s passport office – for passport advice assistance. 


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