Obtaining A UK Visa for A Thai Citizen


After a visit to Thailand, you may find that you have fallen wildly in love with one of the local women. However, bringing your love back with you to the UK can be somewhat complicated. By learning how to obtain a UK Visa for your Thai partner, fulfilling your relationship goals should be achievable.

Apply Well in Advance


Obtaining a visa can be a lengthy process, especially when a Thai woman is leaving the country. If the process is associated formally with employment, this process can often be expedited. According to Thai Visa Express UK, “Your girlfriend will have a better chance of obtaining a tourist visa if she has a decent and stable job in Thailand. This is regardless of her income as long as the job doesn’t involve anything illegal, drugs, or other illegal means of livelihood. Aside from having a good job, it would also help if she has assets and properties in Thailand, a savings account, and dependents in Thailand.

Type of Visa is Important


Should you plan to eventually marry your Thai girlfriend, the type of visa she is granted before leaving Thailand for the UK can be essential. While a general visa and a marriage visa will grant the typical period of six months of residency, it can make a world of difference if marriage is the eventual goal.

Consider Marriage in Thailand


Of all options, getting married in Thailand may be the simplest. If you have not developed a serious relationship, then this option is likely not the best choice, but overall it is the cheapest and simplest. You can get married in 1 -3 days in Bangkok Thailand.

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