Obtaining UK Settlement Visa

Obtaining a UK settlement visa, Getting a visa for permanent settlement in the UK requires considerable documentation and usually requires a period of temporary residence, plus substantial cost. It can take a lot of hard work obtaining UK settlement visa be prepared for the visa journey with its ups and downs along the way.


 The UK Settlement Visa is the first rung on the UK permanent resident ladder. This first permanent settlement level is called Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). To obtain the ILR visa, an applicant must already be residing in the UK. If a permanent resident visa is received from someone living outside the UK, it would be an Indefinite Leave to Enter (ILE) visa.


Obtaining UK Settlement Visa – What’s The Process


This visa level would permit a person to remain in the UK indefinitely, subject to their lawful behavior. Holders of the IRL or ILE visa would be allowed to take employment or study without restriction. They also have access to government funding programs like job seekers programs (unless the words “No recourse to public funds” are written into the visa). Permanent residents can stand for elections. They pay the same home student tuition rates as citizens. There is a distinct path to British citizenship for permanent resident visa holders. Many people enter the UK on Limited Leave to Remain (LTR) visas which entitle them to none of those advantages.


How to get ILR visa status:


Without residence: A child-parent, grandparent, or another dependent relative in the UK whose relative has permanent resident status can apply for ILR using Form SET(F). A person who was married or in a relationship with a permanent resident and permitted to remain in the UK can apply for ILR status even if the relationship has dissolved.


With residence: Different sets of rules apply depending on the length of residence and the date residence began. People with temporary permission to live in the UK in a domestic partnership with a permanent resident can generally apply for ILR status. Long-term residents have various occupational options for application as well as relationship options. In addition, the UK Border Agency has the discretion to grant ILR status for “particularly compelling” circumstances outside of the strict immigration rules.


Fees charged for ILR status applications have been substantially increased over the last several years. The application was free prior to 2003. Now the application fees are at £991 plus £496 for each dependent.


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