Pattaya Coffee Shops

Bake n Brew Pattaya

Firstly the staff here are very professional, friendly, happy, fast, and give great service. I can honestly say this is the best place to eat breakfast in the world. A bit out of the way but well worth tracking down. It is also about my number one favorite place to sit, relax, and enjoy the day. Here, they actually know how to make coffee. They have an excellent selection of Western, and Thai food, but what I can strongly recommend are the desserts. If you have anything resembling a sweet tooth, this place is wonderful As I am sponsoring a Thai girl think it is also a good place for couples, for a nice meal out. A little out of our way but worth it! Bake n Brew is a charming cafe with an excellent menu, wifi, air-con plus there is both inside and outside seating.

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La Baguette Pattaya

Are a full-time bakery, making delicious cakes, pastries, bread, sandwiches, crepes, quiches, salads, ice cream and of course baguette bread… baked and prepared fresh every day using the finest ingredients. La Baguette is well known for Almond Croissants and excellent coffees. La Baguette are also specialized in making Birthday cakes from 2 to 5 pounds in size. Mini pastries, canapés and wedding cakes for private parties are available as well with a 24 hours notice. The interiors of the La Baguette’s cafés are simply luxurious based around Modern Parisian Styling, with comfortable seating, real household designer furniture and an ambiance that is very difficult to find elsewhere in Pattaya. Well worth a visit.

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Coffee Club Pattaya

With a promise of ‘Good Food, Great Service, Excellent Coffee’, The Coffee Club is the place to go for a selection of good quality food options. The menu, combining Modern Decor with Café Dining, offers are the range of starters, open grills, salads, gourmet wraps, light meals, sandwiches, grills, kid’s club and most popular is the plethora of fulfilling and unrivaled breakfast options. The Coffee Club has a very talented and trained barista, a world-class ‘signature blend’, the perfect extraction and first-class coffee-making equipment. The Coffee Club also have a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere on offer with every cup, the only thing left for you is to choose your company to take along.

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Just Coffee

A new traditional Pattaya coffee shops on the corner of soi buakow & soi 15 selling coffee at 35 baht a cup. Good roasted coffee at reasonable prices a popular place with x-pats.

Our Opinion On Pattaya Coffee Shops

Whether you agree or disagree with the three best coffee shops is an opinion just like the above, half the fun of visiting the places is experiencing new food, new places in Pattaya and also along the way maybe discovering a place you can truly call ‘your best coffee shop’ – good luck!


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