Pattaya visa agent for Australian visa applications

Pattaya visa agent for Australian visa applications

Thai Visa Express is a Pattaya visa agent for Australian visa applications. A question that we are quite often asked is whether a person needs a visa agent to assist them with their Australian visa application? There can be many factors that influence a person’s decision to use a visa agent


Many of our clients are previous tourist visa refusals. Clients who had applied for a tourist visa without using the services of a visa agent and had their applications refused. Whilst we are certainly not suggesting for one moment that they were refused for not using a visa agent, upon reviewing their refusal notification letters, it can be seen that many applicants simply failed to convince the Department that their intention was to visit Australia as a genuine temporary entrant only as required by the Migration Regulations.


A very common mistake is applicants believing that they simply need to complete a visa application form and that’s it. This is definitely not the case. A well-prepared tourist visa application will include sufficient supporting evidence that enables the Department to make a favorable decision to grant the applicant a tourist visa. If the Department is not satisfied that an applicant meets the Schedule 2 criterion provided for in the Migration Regulations,  then the application must be refused. In most cases, a tourist visa refusal cannot be appealed. Whilst it is open to an applicant to apply again unless they can adequately address the reasons for the refusal it is unlikely the result will be any different.


The benefit of using Thai Visa Express is our extensive knowledge of Australia’s Migration Act and Regulations. We will not submit a visa application unless we are entirely satisfied that it has every chance of success. Included with all of our visa applications is a detailed written submission addressing the criterion, with reference to the Migration Act and Regulations, relating to the subclass of visas being applied for. We will also prepare any sponsor’s letter of support. We also assist our clients with regards to biometrics, medicals, and police character checks.


As a Pattaya visa agent for Australian visa applications, we not only deal with tourist visa applications but permanent visa applications also, such as partner and prospective marriage visas. These visas have a complex criterion that must be satisfied at both times of application and up until the time of decision. Even after the visa has been granted they have conditions that must be complied with, and failure to do so can result in the visa being canceled. These visas are also very costly with the visa application charge being almost AUD$8000. After you add the costs of translations, biometrics, medicals, and police character checks, the cost can be over AUD$10,000. Failing to provide sufficient information can result in an application being refused.


Thai Visa Express is a well-established Pattaya visa agent for Australian visa applications. We have been operating in Pattaya Thailand since 2007. In this time we have assisted thousands of Australian visa applicants. Many of our clients have gone on to acquire Australian permanent residency and Australian citizenship. Please do not hesitate to contact us at Thai Visa Express should you require a professional Pattaya visa agent for your Australian visa application.

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