Pattaya’s High Season

Pattaya High Season

With Pattaya’s traditional high season almost upon us, what can we expect this year? Few would argue that Pattaya has been in the doldrums in the last few years with a rising Thai Baht and plummeting pound doing little to encourage Brits to come to Thailand while also making it difficult for British expats to stay.

The Westerners

The westerners have been the leading group who have been forced out in recent years. The former “food and drink” of the city’s businesses have been left seeking new places offering what Pattaya used to provide. The efforts to clean up Pattaya should be praised on the one hand, but many of the things that have gone are what used to attract this group. Many British expats are returning home and taking their Thai wives with them to begin a new life on a UK Spouse Visa Will they return? Probably for holidays, but not this high season.

The Chinese and Russians

The mainstays of the Pattaya market these days are the Chinese and the Russians and they are highly likely to be here in numbers again this high season. Pattaya caters mostly for these groups although it often at the detriment of local businesses. It reality, the high season has little impact on their numbers as they like to come to the city throughout the year.

Pattaya’s Local Businesses

Pattaya’s local business will certainly feel the squeeze this year. Many expat companies have folded already, and others will inevitably follow. The Chinese and Russians don’t spend “big” in local businesses although their money does eventually filter down – just not at the levels of before.

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